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Création d'assets de type Counterparty sur XChain. 
Pour 1000e/1000usd d'achat, recevez 1000 ASSETS SHOOT THE BANK.
Exemple: 3000 euros / 3000 usd d'achat = 3000 assets Shoot The Bank.


Pour recevoir vos assets Shoot The Bank (à partir de septembre 2023)  contactez moi  maintenant: [email protected]


Purchase 'Shoot The Bank' assets (Series 1/supply 10,000) created on XChain and Counterwallet. Do you want to join the project established since September 2023 and receive your Shoot The Bank assets? Email: [email protected]


What is the 'Shoot The Bank' Asset? The 'Shoot The Bank' Asset is a continuation of my creative work, both artistically and in terms of value creation and commitment to a loyal community to whom I send 'assets' in digital form in a specific ecosystem, which is the blockchain. In addition to the characteristics of creating them with XChain and Counterparty, there is a commitment on my part through the choice of platforms and wallets used. The supply is 10,000 units for the very first series in order to be able to use and send them to the most loyal customers, collectors, friends of the community, and to benefit those close to the Shoot The Bank project. There is no mercantile purpose or desire to turn it into something speculative, but simply to benefit those interested in their commitment by supporting the project at an individual level. Either by purchasing the Asset in a desired quantity. Or by obtaining them after the purchase of a physical Shoot The Bank artwork. And thus receiving them for the value in dollars or euros of the purchase. No limit is set. The distribution of Shoot The Bank Assets will take place as encounters, friendships, and collectors who want to participate in a historic and independent project like Shoot The Bank, which has been in existence since 2009, the year of the creation of Bitcoin.